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You should vote on May 17th to combat a bigot

April 27th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Political action

By all accounts, the complete waste-of-money May 17th election was something most people probably thought they could ignore when they got their “Official Sample” ballot in the mail, as it’s only one question: elect “Seat No. 5” on the Board of Trustees for the Los Angeles Community College. (Yes, this is the same LACC that the LA Times wrote a huge series about recently, regarding wasted money.) But it turns out that the choice is between a “Yes on 8” Tea Party candidate, and a progressive, non-homophobe.

Lydia Guitierrez is a Tea Party-backed, Yes on 8 supporter who ran in 2008 for State Senator. LezGetReal reported on her efforts to put up Yes on 8 signs during that race.

According to “Jim” of the “arcadia-protest” e-mail list:

Her endorsers are the same louts from Pepperdine and Palmdale who put Prop 8 on the ballot, and I’m guessing they’re trying to get her some credibility so they can run her for Senator again (and in the meantime ram evolution into the classrooms and make tenure conditional on “strong moral values”).

The WeHo Daily also has more coverage.

The other candidate is Scott Svonkin, a long-time progressive Democratic politician and activist. He is endorsed by the Stonewall Young Democrats, and Stonewall Democratic Club (and just about every Democratic politician and official in the state of CA).

We have to admit that we’re more than a little turned-off by this LA Weekly hit-piece about Scott, but the fact that it spoke nothing of his qualifications or stance says that it’s probably not much more than the work of a small group of conservatives looking to discredit a progressive.

If you did not receive it, you probably aren’t registered to vote, and should do so before the registration deadline on May 2nd. Just click the image below to register!

Set yourself a reminder, and go vote on May 17th!

Thanks to Jane Wishon for alerting us about this.

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