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Join us at Art Walk tomorrow (Thursday)!

October 7th, 2009 · You should add your comment! · Voter outreach

UPDATE: Canceled due to logistic issues. Next month, we’ll be back, Art Walk!

Tomorrow we’re going to be tabling at Art Walk, downtown, to recruit people for the upcoming signature gathering campaign. We’re going to be setting-up at 7pm and finishing probably around 9:30pm.

If you have a “MILK” or Equality Network shirt, please wear them. (If you don’t have either shirt yet, we’ll have one for you. Wear a t-shirt that you’re okay wearing under the MILK/EQN white shirt.). If you tend to get cold at night, you’ll probably want to wear a long-sleeved shirt.

We will be meeting at the intersection of 5th & Main Street. Here are pictures of Jordan & David in their MILK shirts, so you know what to look for!

jordan david

UPDATE: We recommend following our Twitter Account for last-minute updates about where we’re setting up the table at Art Walk! If you’re late, you can call Jordan at (323) 284-5987 to ask where we are.

Finally, there’s two ways to get down to ArtWalk:

Take the Red Line to Pershing Square. From there it is 2 blocks east (away from the skyscrapers) on 5th to the heart of the event (Main St.).

You can use Google Maps to find out the schedule for the Metro. Click the following link: http://bit.ly/gVyqP – once you’re there, near the upper left-hand corner of the page, look for the “Get Directions” link. Click on it, then choose the drop down box that says “By car”, and change it to “By public transit”. Now click the “Show options” link above that, and click “Arrive by” and enter “6:55pm” into the time box. Add your address to the text box with the little green circle A, and then click “Get Directions.” It will tell you how to get to the nearest station (if you’re near one), when to leave, etc.

Pershing Square Public Parking Lot—532 South Olive Street, 90013. $6 flat rate from 5pm-2am. From there it’s 2 blocks east (away from the skyscrapers) on 5th to the heart of the event (Main St.).

See you there!

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