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New Equality Network website!

March 1st, 2009 · You should add your comment! · Meta

While we love Drupal (and are still using it for the online clearinghouse at Equality Central), we’re looking for something a little more lean for the Equality Network website. We’ve moved over WordPress, we’ve shed all the general GLBT news content (you can find that at Queerty and Towleroad, among others), and we will be using this site exclusively to keep people informed of our upcoming events and any pertinent news for Equality Network.

On that vein, we’d urge everyone to take a look around at the website, including the “About” page, which explains our purpose just in case you’ve been busy with other things lately – Equality Network has made some changes to our core plan and goals. We’re still on for the Teach-in for Equality, though, so be sure to check out that website to get your tickets and find out more information!

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